A Jewish Orthodox Group Returns to Killing Sites with Yahad and Recites Kaddish

In a unique memory tour organized by Rabbi Kreitenberg of Heritage Retreats, Rabbi Hersh and Yahad – In Unum, a Jewish orthodox group was taken to Ukraine and Poland to follow the traces of the forgotten victims of the Holocaust By Bullets. Patrick Desbois and the Yahad team took the group to the mass grave sites in the Lissinichi forest outside of Lviv and Zbylitowska Gora, where 6000 Jews and 2000 Poles were killed. The group was introduced to Yahad witnesses, who told their stories at the execution sites. The group recited a kaddish at each site. This event was very important for Yahad, a key part of our work is being able to return the memory of Jewish victims of the Holocaust by bullets to the Jewish people.

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