TESTIMONY: Vera R.”The victims had to put their clothes on a cart and were shot at the edge of a specially enlarged pit. It was mainly the police who fired. German officials arrived at the end of the shooting to inspect the work. A few months later, the bodies were burned with peat to clear the tracks.”

BASIC INFO: A Yahad team undertook extensive research in the Minsk region of Belarus, Yahad’s 20th research trip to the country. The trip had three main focus areas: the Borisov area, the killings with fire in the Maladzyechna region, and the persecution and massacre of the Belarussian population. The team also found evidence of Operation 1005 (Sonderaktion 1005), which took place between 1942 and 1944. This operation aimed to remove all traces of the genocide of the Jews by exhuming mass graves and burning the bodies.

The Yahad team was joined by Suzanne Brown-Fleming, Director of the Visiting Scholars Program at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and Yahad Director Marco Gonzalez. YIU would like to thank Suzanne and the USHMM for their continued support and solidarity in our common cause.
During this research mission, Yahad – In Unum interviewed 40 witnesses and identified 28 execution sites.

PLACES: Ilia, Rechki, Khotenchitsy, Vyazin, Lebedevo, Krasnoye, Zaskovichin, Lobachiovka, Malinovshchina, Gorodok, Radoshkovichi, Smolevichi, Rakov, Sychevichi, Krupki, Cherven, Gudovichi, Zhuravkovichi, Dukora, Bluzha, Pukhovichi, Krupka.

This trip was made possible with the support of the German Federal Foreign Office.