"Kazimirovka is a tiny village, isolated in a forest clearing, at the end of a rugged road. There were some 200 houses there before the war. Only two are left today.

The team quickly found Maria (born in 1936), who is certainly the last surviving witness of the tragedy that took place in this village during the war. She recalled: “Even though local policemen had told people to stay at home, I was able to slip into the forest when the German punitive commando arrived. As I was running away, I heard the shots and I saw the flames towering up above the village."


Last September 16-October 2nd, 2104, a Yahad-In Unum team went to Belarus for an eighteenth investigation, the second one in the region of Gomel. In the course of this investigation, the Yahad team interviewed 46 witnesses and identified 28 execution sites.



Administrative region of Gomel
Investigated towns and villages: Oktiabrski ; Pechishchi ; Smykovichi ; Davydovka ; Zalessie ; Kalinkovichi ; Ielsk ; Seliutichi ; Liudvinov ; Kopatkevichi ; Kazimirovka ; Buda Kazimirovka ; Skrygalov ; Kostiukovichi ; Lelshitsy ; Petrikov ; Khoiniki ; Zagalle ; Aleksichi ;  Chernovshchina ; Iurovichi ; Strechine ; Jlobine ; Rogachev.
Historical Background:

The region of Gomel was occupied by the Germans in the summer and autumn of 1941, then placed under German military administration.


Key Findings:

– An uncoordinated, decentralized version of the Holocaust
– Belarus civilian victims and the camp for civilians at Ozarichi


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