On October 5, we premiered our “Holocaust by Bullets” exhibit in Latin America for the first time, in Guatemala City, Guatemala. The exhibit, presented in both Spanish and English, opened at Lycée Jules Verne, an international French high school located in Guatemala City. The goal of the exhibit is to teach this dark chapter of history to a younger generation in the hopes of preventing future cases of mass violence.

Both Father Patrick Desbois and Yahad Executive Director Marco Gonzalez spoke at the opening, stressing the need to transmit this history to high school students. We also had the honor of welcoming Jean-Hugues Simon-Michel, French Ambassador to Guatemala and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala Carlos Raúl Morales. The exhibit was on display at Lycée Jules Verne until October 15.

On October 8 – 9, an educational workshop was held in conjunction with the exhibit premiere for students at the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala in Guatemala City. Conducted in partnership with the Centro de Estudios Mexicanos y Centroamericanos [CEMCA] and the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, students from diverse disciplines, including the humanities and social sciences, participated in the workshop. Led by Father Patrick Desbois, Yahad Research Director Patrice Bensimon and Yahad Historical Advisor Andrej Umansky, this seminar focused on the Holocaust by Bullets, the Roma genocide as well as the application of Yahad-In Unum’s research methodology to the study of violence that is ongoing in Guatemala today. Each student who participated in the workshop received an official certificate of completion.