Located in the country’s southwest, more accurately in the north-eastern part of the region of Brest, Lyakhovichi was part of Polish territory between 1920 and 1939. As a result, many Poles lived in Lyakhovichi before the war, along with Belarusians and Jews. When the Soviets took control of this territory in September 1939, they integrated it into Soviet Belarus. In June 1941, the city fell under German military administration, but rather quickly, during the fall season, a constables’ stations was set up and the area was then administered by a civilian German administration, successively headed by Messrs Reinhold Hein (October 1941), Lustig (November 1941-August 1942), Wille and Meier. Using Yahad-In Unum interviews of witnesses, Johanna Lehr describes the execution and the ghetto imprisonment of the Jews from this region. Click the image above to view the full article.