*Photo Credit: Übersicht © Jürgen Sendel/Stiftung Topographie des Terrors

The opening of the new exhibition, “Mass Shootings – the Holocaust between the Baltic and Black Sea” at the Topography of Terror in Berlin features photos from Yahad-In Unum’s investigation in Mizoch, Ukraine. At the opening of the new exhibition, Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier paid homage to Yahad-In Unum, stating:

I also see a responsibility for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to level out the layers [of the past]. Our history imposes itself on us; our responsibility towards the victims commands us to it, but that also influences the course of German politics outside its territory. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports the project, “Erinnerung bewahren” that is responsible for the preservation of the sites of mass shootings. Five places were transformed into sites of memory in the past years. This year, the leaders of the project identified 7 new sites that will be the object of their work in the upcoming years. The same goes for Yahad-In Unum, an organization based in Paris that works, with admirable effort, on the identification of sites of mass shootings in Eastern Europe. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has supported it for many years and I am happy that Andrej Umansky of Yahad-In Unum is among us today. We thank him for his research and the map with black points…I am thankful for Yahad-In Unum’s initiatives and you, Mr. Nachama and Mr. Neumärker and your teams. You are the archaeologists who fight against the loss of memory. You literally are leveling out the layers of these landscapes.”

You can read the entirety of Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s statement at the exhibit’s inauguration [in German] here.


Two of Yahad’s photos used in the exhibition. They show the execution site of Mizoch, Ukraine with a witness to the execution, Vladimir, born in 1924.




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