Elizaveta M. “My grandfather enabled a whole family to cross the Dniester at night; my mother prepared cheese and milk for the Jewish children.”

BASIC INFO: Yahad led a sixth research trip to Moldova in the region of Balti and on the territory of Transnistria, a breakaway state (also called Pridnestrovie), designated by the Republic of Moldova as the Transnistria of autonomous territorial unit with special legal status. Part of the research trip took place in the region of Iasi in Romania.

A group of 11 Georgetown University undergraduate students also joined the Yahad team on the field in Moldova. During the fall semester of 2014, these students completed a course on the Holocaust by Bullets at Georgetown University, taught by Father Desbois and Reverend Dennis McManus. They applied their coursework to Yahad’s research methodology on the ground and recorded their reflections on the trip in a travel blog on Yahad’s website.

Yahad’s research team interviewed 15 witnesses and identified 4 executions sites, only one of which had a memorial, erected however outside of the execution site.

Last September 16-October 2nd, 2104, a Yahad-In Unum team went to Belarus for an eighteenth investigation, the second one in the region of Gomel. In the course of this investigation, the Yahad team interviewed 46 witnesses and identified 28 execution sites.


Dumbrăviţa, Crăsnăşeni, Glinjeni, Hirova, Lipcani, Răuţel, Iași (Romania), Hărlau, Tiraspol, Dzerjinskoye, Dubăsari, Colosova, Hirişeni.

Historical Background:

Key Findings:

  • – Supplementing of the collection of testimonies about the massacres and deportations of Jews and Gypsies in the region during the Romanian occupation from 1941-1944.
  • Identification of victims’ graves.
  • Information on pogroms against the Jewish population.
  • Destruction of Jewish property, looting.
  • Information on the mass shootings of Jews, which took place upon the arrival of the Romanian army.

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