Map of Jewish execution sites in Belarus

Before the war, almost one million Jews lived in the territory of present-day Belarus. From the beginning of the occupation, the Germans began to execute the Jews, the intelligentsia and the Soviet activists. The creation of ghettos was frequently accompanied by shootings. But the largest mass shootings took place during the liquidation of the ghettos, especially between April of 1942 and the winter of 1942/1943. The last ghetto in Belarus, located in Minsk, was liquidated in October of 1943.

In addition, many Jews, including specialists, were detained and forced to work in labor camps (Lida, Ivie, Chtchoutchine, Novogrudok). They were murdered some time later. As part of their policy of extermination, the Nazis deported thousands of Jews from Minsk and Lida to concentration camps in the West.

Following the amplification of the partisan movements, particularly active in the region, the Germans accelerated the process of exterminating the Jews, and also massacred thousands of Belorussian civilians, burning and destroying whole villages.


Yahad’s Investigations

So far, Yahad-In Unum has interviewed 917 witnesses in Belarus and located 405 sites of execution.

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