As part of its research on the persecution of Roma, Yahad-In Unum has conducted research in Romania. During its interviews with Roma survivors deported to Transnistria, it turned out that they had also witnessed the genocide of the Jews on Romanian soil. The pogrom in Iasi that some Roma witnessed was one of the most terrible manifestations of violence. When they were not slaughtered in the streets of the city, the Jews were herded into freight trains without food or water, in the sweltering heat of late June of 1941. Several thousand Jews perished during these few days of extermination.

Jews from the eastern region of Romania were deported through Bessarabia and Transnistria. During World War II, the Romanian occupation zone extended to the Bug River. Part of the Romanian Jews were deported were detained in forced labor camps (where they performed road construction and work in quarries), before being shot.


Yahad’s Investigations

The research trips led by Yahad in Romania led to the collection of 167 testimonies and 9 identifications of mass graves.

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