Map of Execution Sites in Ukraine

On the eve of the invasion of the Soviet Union by German troops, 2.5 million Jews lived in the territory of present-day Ukraine. It was the largest community living in the USSR.

Following Operation Barbarossa, the Ukrainian territory was divided into 3 administrative and territorial units: the General Government, the Reichkommissariat Ukraine, the military administration; as well as the Romanian sub-administration for a southern part of the country.

From the first days of the ccupation, massacres of the Jewish population began: leaders nad public community figures, rabbis, and communists were killed. The first large-scale massacre was perpetrated in Kamenets-Podolsk on August 28-29, 1941, where more than 25,000 Jews were murdered.

In the Ukrainian territory, the Jews were imprisoned in ghettos or in forced labor camps, deported to death camps farther west or directly shot on the spot in mass graves, mines, wells, and ravines. More than 1.5 million Ukrainian Jews were exterminated by the Nazis and their collaborators between 1941 and 1944.


Yahad’s Investigations

Yahad-In Unum began its research in the Ukraine in 2004. In the past 10 years of work, Yahad-In Unum research teams have interviewed 2,203 witnesses and have identified in 916 mass graves in the country.

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