BASIC INFO: During the 5 days of research in Ukraine, a Yahad – In Unum team conducted a full investigation in the town of Myropil and its surroundings, located in the Zhytomyr region and began research in the town of Polonne, in the region of Khmelnitsky. The main purpose of this trip was to collect all the testimonies related to the fate of the Jewish population of the city of Myropil during and after the war.

The research team was accompanied by Wendy Lower (University of Claremont), an internationally renowned Holocaust historian, who is working on the framework of her next book on the Myropil case. This trip was made in partnership with Mrs. Lower and will ensure a better visibility of the research and the methodology of Yahad.

During this research trip, Yahad – In Unum interviewed 14 witnesses and identified 3 execution sites.

PLACES: Myropil, Polonne

The collected testimonies rendered information on the following subjects:
– The relations of the Jewish population of the city with that of Ukraine;
– Prewar Jewish life as well as many names and first names of the Jews;
– The pogrom suffered by the Jewish population from the beginning of the war;
– The organization of the extermination of the Jews at the local level: excavation of the pit, gathering of the Jews, several shootings;
– The organization of re-burial of the bones in the 80s following the trial of the local executioners;
– The remains of the bones following the poorly organized exhumation.