Research Findings:

One witness saw her two six-year-old girlfriends getting arrested, and heard the gunshots that killed them: «I had two Jewish girlfriends in the village, Sarah and Rosa, with whom I used to play hide and seek.”

Note: The picture above is not of the witness mentioned.

For the first time since we started the research, an important French television channel, TF1, filmed our work about our research in Ukraine in early January 2007.


Zaporizhia Region

Key Findings:

– During this last research trip, we met a lot of eye-witnesses ti the Jews’ executions. For every mass grave found, we met at least one person who was present at the shootings. The witnesses were hidden in the attic of a house or behind a tree; in most cases they saw all of the local shooting. Thanks to those valuable testimonies, we found the location of the mass graves and the location of the shooters. Very frequently they revealed that clothes taken from the Jews as well as their luggage were available to be taken by the conscripted local people.

– Most witnesses were talking about all of this for the first time. The interviews are at least one hour long.

– We also found witnesses of the execution of 131 mentally handicapped children who were living in a children residence.

– It is evident that the searching for the last Ukrainian eye-witnesses present at the executions of Jews is an evidence to support the Soviet archives, which subsequently is strengthened in the accuracy of its records.


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