An old woman remembered seeing her best friend walking in line toward the pit without understanding what would happen to her. It was only at the end of the day that she realised she was dead: she saw a policeman dragging "Jewish clothes," among which she recognised the socks her own mother had made for her friend and that she gave to her during the time of the ghetto.

Note: The featured picture is not of the witness described.


The research trip to Ukraine took place from December 26, 2007 until January 11, 2008. The Yahad In-Unum team covered the north of the Rivne region (region N.18), which means all the towns and villages near Belarus



Region – North of Rivne (Border with Belarus)


Key Findings:

The systematic research in the north of the Rivne region permitted us to locate hundreds of mass graves that had not been discovered before. All those mass graves were very special in that they were used as proper killing machines. Had we not gone to this region, they would never have been discovered: in fact, our improved method of investigation enables us to discover unknown facts and mass murder locations that the local population still remembers, but have never been revealed until now.Again, the help of local religious representatives increases the quality and quantity of testimonies we collected. Moreover, the impact of global religious activity during the trip contributes to strenghten the group's role in the eyes of the local population. For instance, the Kaddish prayer pronounced in Borové was a very moving moment for everyone involved, as it was said as the Magen David was planted in the execution site.


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