A Yahad – In Unum team conducted a 14-day research trip in 28 villages and hamlets throughout the regions of Odessa and Nikolayev. During this investigation, the Yahad team interviewed 45 witnesses and listed 18 execution sites, most of which are without memorials.  



Administrative regions of Nikolayev and Odessa


Historical Background and Findings:

This research explored three areas of expertise: the archives and the works of Romanian historians, the German archives concerning the numerous Volksdeutsche who lived in the region – many of whom took part in the shootings – and the archives and the works of Ukrainian researchers regarding the Ukrainians who lived there who either saw or took part in the shootings as well.

The investigators were able to find traces and sometimes the walls of several camps in which the Jews were held and which were used as sites of deportation from Odessa to Bogdanivka. Many Jews were actually imprisoned in small camps along the road (former stables), starved, then shot in the surrounding areas.

Contrary to what happened in other districts, many people who were requisitioned to carry the bodies received a certification from the Romanians with their surnames and first names. They had to bring this certificate to town to prove that the transportation had been carried out. This is the first time that a Yahad team had heard of certificates for the requisitioned being mentioned in German occupation zones.


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