“In Radyvyliv, in the Rivne disctrict, Maria (born 1933) distinctly remembers her neighbor, who was a member of the local police. One day she saw this policeman taking groups of Jews into the forest : “I followed him and, since he knew my mother very well, he didn’t do me any harm. On arriving near the pit, this neighbor had the Jews stand at its edge and shot at them with his submachine gun. If there were any children among them, he lifted them, held them by their feet and knocked their head against a tree. I remained only a few meters behind him all the while”.


During fifteen days of research in Ukraine conducted investigations in 28 cities and villages in the districts of Volhynie, Ryvne, Lviv and Khmelnitski.The aim of this investigative trip was to complete previous research led by our teams in these deeply intertwined regions. The research revealed a high number of mass shootings. 

During this investigation, the Yahad team interviewed 48 witnesses and listed 36 sites, a third of which are deprived of memorials and are thus totally unknown.  



Administrative districts of Volhynie, Ryvne, Lviv and Khmelnitski

Investigated towns/villages: Nova Vyjva, Kamin-Kachyrski, Smidyn, Lisniaki, Kozlynytchi, Lioubiaz, Kortelissy, Pereslavytchi, Samary, Mlynovo, Olyka, Tsouman, Brody, Iazlivtchyk, Radyvyliv, Kostopil, Sarny, Chepetivka, Netichyn, Choumsk, Kortchiv'ia, Lissopil, Berezno, Rafalovka, Sokolivka, Soukhovolia, Vyssotsk, Doubrovytsia


Key Findings:

– A high number of mass shootings

– The close proximity of the witnesses to the shooting sites, which enabled them to give very accurate accounts

– A deep application of the Sardinenpackung method in the investigated regions

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