Together In One

Yahad – In Unum combines the Hebrew word – Yahad, meaning “together,” with the Latin phrase In Unum, meaning “in one.” Founded in 2004 by internationally renowned humanitarian and activist, Father Patrick Desbois, we are a global organization raising consciousness of the sites of Jewish and Roma mass executions by Nazi killing units in Eastern Europe during World War II. This was the infamous “Holocaust by Bullets,” the prototype for the ensuing disease of modern genocide. The massacres in Cambodia, Rwanda, Darfur, the Balkans and Syria have all been modeled after the systematic tactics carried out during the “Holocaust by Bullets.”

By researching and exposing the evidence of these horrific but little known crimes against humanity, we are bringing closure to the memory of the victims. Moreover, we work to spread universal awareness of the need to recognize and denounce the ongoing epidemic of global genocide. Yahad-In Unum is the world’s only Christian organization dedicated to this solemn cause.

The objective of this work is to:

1. Substantiate a “Holocaust by Bullets” or mass executions of Jews that happened outside of Nazi concentration camps

2. Provide evidence of mass executions to answer the Holocaust deniers of today and tomorrow

3. Give proper respect to the victims’ burial places and enable their preservation

4. Disseminate and help apply the universal lessons about genocide derived from the work of Yahad – In Unum