Beginning Monday, January 26, Yahad-In Unum was proud to present our exhibition “The Holocaust by Bullets” at UNESCO in Paris. This special exhibit features ten years of Yahad-In Unum’s investigative research in the former Soviet Union. It offers visitors the chance to learn through about the Holocaust by Bullets through a witness experience, with outer portraits of the witnesses and inner windows into the archival pictures.

Following its Monday premiere, the exhibit featured in UNESCO’s activities for International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Tuesday, January 27. That evening, Father Desbois led Director General of UNESCO Irina Bokova through the exhibit, explaining the 5 steps of the exhibit – the arrest, the road, the undressing, the shooting and the looting.

The exhibit was on display from January 26 until February 10, during which it welcomed approximately 1,500 visitors, the majority of whom came from the Paris region.