From March 17-24, Yahad-In Unum led a group of 27 students, from ORT Daniel Mayer, a Jewish high school in Montreuil, France, on an educational trip to Poland to visit sites of Jewish memory. The trip was the culmination of months of preparation with the students during which Yahad team leaders met with the group of students as well as their teachers several times to prepare them for what to expect on the field. Moreover, a preparatory trip was held for the teachers who participated this past November, during which teachers were able to visit the sites with Yahad team members in order to better prepare their students for the trip. The week included speaking with witnesses who Yahad has formerly interviewed in the region, visiting mass graves that were unknown before Yahad’s investigation as well as visits to Auschwitz and pre-war sites of Jewish life in Krakow. Moreover, this trip was particular unique as the students were trained before the trip on how to pose questions to the witnesses, which they put into practice on the field.

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